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The performance of today's leading sport cars outperform yesterday's classic muscle cars.  Take GM's ZO6 as an example.  It's the highest performance production car in Chevrolet's history, clocking 0-60 in 3.7 seconds, the quarter mile in 11.7 seconds, and 1.04g on the skid pad; all while achieving an EPA estimated 26 MPG hwy.

Yet enthusiasts agree the classic lines and styling of the 50's, 60's and 70's muscle car are irreplaceable.  So the team at Torque industries, the official performance products division of Eckert's Rod and Custom, developed the revolutionary Torque 3G Chassis.   The patent pending chassis combines Corvette's complete C7 and C6 drivetrain (or C5 by request) for use with the following classic muscle cars:


  • Camaro (67-69)*

  • Chevelle (65-72

  • Cutlass (65-72)

  • Firebird (67-69)*

  • GTO (65-72)

  • Impala (58-67)

  • Skylark (65-72)

  • Tri-Fives (55-57)*

  • Pickups (55-72)



*Camaros, Firebirds and Tri-Fives require the use of narrowed control arms (patent-pending), provided by Torque Industries.

        There are also a couple different ways we can build your chassis, we can either do the Builder Series or the Complete Chassis

The Torque 3G Chassis is a complete, custom-built chassis that upgrades a classic muscle car's performance to an entirely new level; one that rivals the most modern GM supercar:  the Z06 Corvette.  The Torque 3G Chassis can be purchased as a bare chassis or a complete roller including LS7 motor, torque tube, rear transmission, C6 suspension package with stock mono-leaf springs, brakes and steering (note:  coil-overs or air bags optional). 

Unlike the typical pro-touring chassis that requires the complete firewall, floor and trunk be removed prior to installation, the revolutionary Torque 3G Chassis is easily integrated with dramatically-less fabrication.  As example, to incorporate the Torque 3G Chassis under a pickup (Chevy 55-72) only the firewall needs adjustment to achieve optimal weight distribution.  It is also noteworthy, that pickups require no cutting of the floor at all.  When integrating the Torque 3G Chassis into a standard vehicle (non-truck) the center tunnel must also be re-worked to house the GM torque tube. Yet unlike competitive offerings, the Torque 3G chassis retains the stock floor, seat tracks, and body mounts due to Torque's patent-pending, compact X-frame design.   The Torque 3G Chassis is revolutionizing the automotive after-market by making it possible for virtually any builder to incorporate supercar performance into their next muscle car project with incredible ease.


By drawing upon more than 100 years of combined chassis design and fabrication experience, the one-of-a-kind Torque 3G Chassis has the following benefits:

  • Largest X-member in the industry for exceptional strength/rigidity

  • Near 50/50 weight distribution and low center of gravity for improved cornering

  • Exhaust, brake and fuel lines are enclosed within the chassis' center tunnel for excellent ground clearance (5 1/2")

  • All components drop out from the chassis' center tunnel matching the servicing/maintenance ease of the stock Corvette

  • Maintains stock floor configuration; requiring only firewall and minor center tunnel modifications

  • Maximizes interior area, providing greater floor space and seating (front and rear) than the stock Corvette

  • Compatible with all stock and aftermarket Corvette products (e.g. engine, suspension, brakes, etc.)

  • Can use any C5/C6 transmission including the new 6 speed paddle-shift


To learn more about Torque's 3G chassis, Contact us at the link below.

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