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1967 Chevelle "Corvel"


This 1967 Chevelle has been completely modernized. It is a stout pro-touring car, with a 3G Torque chassis, a supercharged LSX engine, and 4 wide tires. This buildup is a good example of what is required to retrofit an already "finished" car with a modern engine and chassis.

Engine: Turnkey Motorsports LS7 460cu-in with Magnuson supercharger 900HP


Trans: C6 Corvette 6-speed transaxle


Suspension: C6 Corvette ERC Narrow control arms QA1 double adjustable coilovers


Exhaust: 3 inch Mandrel Bent polished stainless


Brakes: Baer 14 inch 6-piston Mono-block Extreme


Wheels: One off custom by Schott Wheels


Tires: Michelin


Paint: Debeer Ultra Marine Blue

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