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1968 Shelby GT350


This car began life as an original Shelby GT350. It was well used and had been wrecked several times over the years. Patchwork repairs had left the chassis scared and unstable, so a ground up build was not only desired, but necessary. Don't call it an "Eleanor," because this car is superior in many ways. The idea was to build a car to the high standards of todays elites, while retaining as much of the Shelby influence as possible. The GT350S should be right at home with the big dollar imports. In order to achieve the desired stance (5 inches ground clearance), without using air bags, custom suspension had to be fabricated. This keeps the center of gravity low, offers more suspension turn ability, and allows the car to look nice all of the time. The GT350S is a car that can be driven hard, and performs well in a variety of conditions.

Engine - 650HP Paxton Supercharged 347

Transmission - C4 Automatic With Gear Vendor Overdrive

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