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1969 MACH 40


The Mach 40 was designed to be a car that could have been built when the original Mustang Mach 1 was designed. The major exceptions were that it would use low profile tires and an engine computer that weren’t available in 1969. Minor exceptions were LED tail lights, carbon fiber substrates in the interior, and a touch screen audio system. As the name suggests, it would be a combination of Mach 1 and GT40 styling, and a GT40 inspired mid-engine power train. Its basic type would be what is now called a pro touring car, with a clean, understated visual design, and “high spec” performance characteristics.

  • Engine: Ford GT40 engine, 4.0L Whipple, Lamborghini throttle bodies, MoTec ECU 800HP

  • Trans: Ford GT40 ZF 6-speed transaxle

  • Suspension: QA1 coilovers

  • Exhaust: Custom one-off 3 inch

  • Brakes: Baer 14 inch 6-piston Mono-block Extreme

  • Wheels: One off custom by Schott Wheels

  • Tires: Michelin Pilot PS2

  • Paint: Debeer Custom mix

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