Originally the Azteca was made as a kit car by Fiber Fab in the 1960’s.

When we received it was in pieces. The owner had a vision of building a race car pushing the limits for a Corvair power plant.

We built it to be a race Car for auto cross ,hill climb and road course .

Chassis: Mid-Engine, independent front suspension w/ coilovers and rack and pinion steering in the rear the chassis was designed to accept a Corvair motor, differential, and Powerglide transmission w/ C4 Corvette outer spindles and coil overs.

Engine: 1966 Corvair Motor LS style pistons, roller cam and rockers, fuel injected super charger w/ liquid inner cooler, Haltech computer EFI control, custom air cooling fan and ducting system. Custom headers and exhaust. All Stainless.

Body Mods: Split and Heightened 3”entire body, lengthened 2” all four corners are flared and custom built, Hatch is all custom, front hood was nonexistent. All Aluminum Interior.