63 corpala

1963 Chevy Impala "Corpala"

Designed to be the ultimate pro-touring car, the Corpala is a completely custom concept. The goal was to completely modernize the mechanics of the car, while retaining as much of is original "character" as possible. An innovative custom chassis design enabled a stunning transformation. The chassis utilizes the entire drivetrain and suspension system from a C6 Corvette, while retaining a shape similar to the original Impala chassis. As a result of this combination, the Corpala boasts performance similar to that of a C6 Corvette, while having phenomenal aesthetics. Careful attention was given so that the Corpala would use the same suspension geometry as a Corvette, and would function similarly. By avoiding a complicated tube chassis and cage the build team kept the chassis unobtrusive, this gives the exterior an OEM feel, and the mechanics a layout identical to an OEM Corvette. The staggering performance, striking looks, and incredible attention to detail set the Corpala apart from the crowd, and make it one of Eckert's most impressive builds.

Engine - 550hp LS7

Transmission - 6 Speed Transaxle

Chassis & Suspension - Torque 3G Chassis, PFADT Overweight Monoleaf Suspension, Baer 6 Piston Brakes